With Eraze we delivered the analyses solution for PDO. Eraze Software is a growing company in urgent need of resources!


Managing change is planning innovations and building new capabilities! That is exactly what I helped Eraze with recently. The success of Eraze was keeping its current customers, cross selling their solutions to mutual clients and at the same time expanding into a new specialism with a new customer! It was clear that Eraze is growing and needed to expand its team fast!


The short-term need; Deliver more developing power AND start in 2 months with new capabilities! Furthermore, to service the current customers Eraze need continuity in their support team. => An immediate need to find additional resources.


Discussing the needs of the organization we called network partners and started a linkedin recruitment action. Within days, Developers across the globe found Eraze. We assessed resumes, I set-up calls and video interviews with Erase’s most senior partners in The Netherlands and the US.


We were able to reach more than 100 candidates, selected and interviewed 12 and recruited 5 new colleagues from the Netherlands, India and Turkey. The first two started within 60 days, the next three the following month.

“Arend-Jan denkt mee in zowel korte- als lange termijn van de organisatie. Zijn effectieve manier van communiceren en zijn kennis van bedrijfsprocessen maken hem tot een prettige toevoeging tot het team. Arend Jan is iemand om mee te bouwen aan de toekomst. ” Mark Raming, owner Eraze